Friday, August 7, 2009

Being single changes things

Ok, so I'm not technically single. But, I hope to be soon. In this awkward in between time, I have noticed a few differences that I had forgotten about in the 3 plus years of being in a relationship. I doubt this list is inclusive, but just some observations.

  1. I need a different cell plan. I have gone over my texting limit now 2 months in a row and am about a hundred texts away from hitting this months limit with still 20 days left in this months cycle. This is not a good thing since the 3 people I talk to the most are big on texting.

  2. I watch a lot less TV. I just don't have time for it. I'm spending more time with friends which is of course a good thing. TV was a way for me to kill time while the boy did other things. Not exactly healthy though.

  3. I get less sleep. It's not even from going out more necessarily. I still only go out one or sometimes two nights a week. I am on the phone or computer talking with friends until the wee hours more often than not though.

  4. I have less of a routine. Before things were comfortably(or boringly depending on my mood) predictable. I came home from work, did household chores, watched some TV and/or got online while dinner was being prepared, then watched TV with the boy before heading to bed. Not really very exciting at all. Frankly, it was enough to drive me to put an eye out just to have something exciting happen. Really, it was my biggest fear come to life as I felt like I was becoming my parents. Don't get me wrong I love my parents. I just think their life is monotonous and boring. I can't do it. I have to have spotaneity in my life even if this is just a sign of self sabotage it is the way I am. These days I spend time with friends more and that leaves me feeling a heck of a lot more grounded. Even when in a relationship, I am not that person that can build my life solely around one person. I need a good bit of friend time. I just do. It's not like they are a backup. My friends are an important part of my life. I am hours away from any member of my family, so to me my friends are my family. Just last night, I was feeling a little off have not spoken to my 3 closest male friends like I usually do on Thursday evenings. I could feel myself perk right up when I did get the chance to chat with each of them.
Some things I don't change. The way I dress tends to be more a phase ie casual for a while then a bit more dressy, but I don't start slubbing around without any makeup and hair in a ponytail simply because I am in a relationship. I firmly believe who you see when you meet me will be who I am in general in terms of the level of dress down the road. I don't stop wearing "sexy" clothes because I am taken either. If I get hit on, it is flattering; but I am loyal. I've never cheated on anyone ever, and don't plan on being a cheater either especially not because my girls happen to look good when I am out with friends.
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