Friday, August 21, 2009

My projects while I am/was computerless

While I was sans my computer, I came up with the brillant plan that I could use this time to work on all those things I want/need to get done yet somehow put off by wandering the net often aimlessly and having too many conversations via aim and facebook. What I did not take into consideration was that:

  • I would have terrible insomnia which would leave me quite lethargic.
  • I am a world class procrastinator.
  • I would eat some bad eggs(aparently along with a few other people I know) which would make me beyond miserable Sunday.
  • I perhaps think I can accomplish much more than I am able to in a short time.
  • Someone else in my house was trying to find ways to occupy his time which often seemed to distract me or coincide with what I needed to use to accomplish my own tasks.

But, I did get a few things done. My original quite lofty list(along with explanations) was as follows:

  • Get all my pictures on CDs from the old desktop which is no longer capable of connecting to the internet-Never seemed to get my chance to use the computer as the boy dusted it off to play old computer games like Starcraft which he hasn't played in almost a year.
  • Figure out how to make condom bouquets. Ok, I came up with a plan; but I had to wait to get my supplies.
  • Get some reading done. This I would say I did as I began and completed 2 books and started a 3rd.
  • Handwrite some blog posts in a journal, so I would have them ready when I got my computer back. I did this, but as of yet have not typed them into blogger.
  • Make some more crayons to sell at the festival. I simply never did this.
  • Start some sewing projects. Once again, never did it.
  • Clean up my text inbox. My inbox was out of control with over 1400 messages. I did this one going through them individually determining what to save and delete getting it down to a more manageable 300 or so messages. However, this has not improved the performance of my phone as I had originally hoped.
  • Sell more ads for PRIDE. I was held up at work over the weekend and didn't make it downtown in time to do this. But, I did get money for 2 on Tuesday.
  • Thoroughly clean my house. You know doing the little things that get put off like washing the walls as well as the usual suspects like the tub. While I did contemplate buying some oven cleaner while at the store, that's about far I got on that one.

So, what else did I get done instead? I attempted to nap though my insomnia seemed to prevent even that. I watched a few movies which I had already watched, but the boy had not. I talked quite a bit more on the phone than I usually do. I spent time with friends that I hadn't in a while. Once again, I had the best laid plans.

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