Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bachelorette party on the horizon

I have been invited to my first bachelorette party. How odd, I know that I made it to my 30s without attending a bachelorette party. I've been to a bachelor party or two in my day. Calm your dirty minds. I was never the entertainment. I just have tended to have closer friends who were male rather than female. Those who were of the female variety and took the plunge have never really had bachelorette parties. Well, I think this shall be a fun adventure. Some quality girl time even though I only know the bride to be.
The odd thing is that as part of the festivities for the night I just discovered today that we are going to a Chippendale's show right here in little old Fredericksburg in of all places a bowling alley. Am I the only person who finds it a bit odd that the Chippendale's are coming to perform in a relatively small city at a bowling alley which markets itself as a family friendly establishment?
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