Monday, August 17, 2009

The Benefit of Mac and Cheese

Being a vegetarian, I try to be very careful to get the necessary amount of protein per day. My last trip to the hospital I was concerned that even though a nutritionist would be doing the consult on my meals that I might have problems. I got lucky though as my nutritionist was amazingly a vegetatarian as well. As she was going over the protein options the hospital had offer for me, she mentioned mac and cheese. I poo poo'd her idea of mac and cheese as an insufficient source of protein but really didn't give it too much thought as I was after all in the hospital. Tonight as we were discussing dinner options for the two of us, we for some reason decided to take a look at the protein content of our dinner options. I was to be having some Stouffer's Mac and Cheese and a salad. The boy would be having Banquet Salisbury Steak, some of the mac and cheese, and a salad as well. What can I say, we're working on a tight budget. Imagine my surprise to find out the following numbers on the boxes: Mac and cheese 16g Protein per Serving Salisbury Steak 15g Protein per Serving. Guess I was wrong, but in a good way especially since I love mac and cheese.
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