Thursday, August 20, 2009

A gift that inspired me

One of my regular customers brought me this wonderful blankie last week. I love it. I wish you could feel how soft is right through your computer monitor. I am a Cowboys fan in the land of Redskins fans, I know. That was not the inspiration part of the present though. She asked what team I wanted since football season is gearing up, and she has tons of material for different teams since she makes and sells these blankets. No, I am feeling inspired by its simplicity. I've seen tuturials for these tie blankets especially when I was searching for baby stuff earlier this year. But, seeing one in person and feeling how exceptionally warm this baby is since it is two layers of fleece absolutely convinced me I must make some myself. This just may be one of the easiest craft projects I will ever take on since it involves no sewing. Now I can't wait for some extra spending money to take a trip to the craft store to buy some fleece.
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