Thursday, August 20, 2009

Condom Bouquet Tutorial

I know I am usually pretty PG if not PG-13 here in blogland. But, I have a bachelorette party looming. The bride-to-be has requested no gifts, but I wanted to do something at least as a gag gift for her. Being a bit tight on money right now, going to an adult store with their prices is out of the question and not something I could even do with the limited time given before the event. I have heard many friends speak of condom roses or condom bouquets before as a gag and figured it would be a pretty simple thing for me to make. I tried looking online for an easy tutorial, but most I found had no pictures or didn't quite look as nice as I wanted mine to turn out. I think these may also make fun birthday presents as well.
So, this is my take on it. Total cost for my project was $3 since I bought all my supplies at the dollar store.

I got all the condoms for free from Aids prevention organizations. There are tons of community organizations out there who offer free condoms without any questions asked these days. Even some condom companies will send you free samples these days like Lifestyles and Trojans. Often Gay Pride functions will have freebie condoms. In fact, here is my box of freebie condoms that I had to choose from for this project.

Other supplies:

I purchased floral tape, electrical tape as they didn't seem to have any masking tape, and fake floral bouquets all at the dollar store.

The trick to making this easy is in picking the fake flowers. I purchased ones that had movable leaves and flowers that were removable. The leaves being movable meant that I could move them down to give myself room to attach tape, I could move them back up when completed to complete the look. The flowers popping off saved me needing wire cutters to remove the flowers as there is wire inside the fake flower stems for stability. Additionally, most of the instructions I found used wire for the stem and added fake flowers. Not only did this seem more costly to me, but it also seemed like a lot of unneccesary work.

The only other necessary supply is scissors for cutting the tape.


  • Condoms

  • Floral Tape

  • Sturdy tape of your choice such as masking tape, electrical tape, etc

  • Fake Flower Bouquet

  • Scissors

Step 1: Pop off all the flowers.

This will leave you with a pile of flower tops perfect for using in other projects especially finishing hair adornments like barettes and headbands.

Step 2: Push back the leaves so you have some room to work.

Step 3: This one I learned from trial and error. Cut off two lengths of your sturdy tape that you will use to attach the condoms to the wire. I recommend 3-4 inches of tape, but I basically eyeballed it. Set aside the tape by sticking just a bit of it to an easy to reach surface like the desk you are working at or in my case my leg.

Step 4:Fold a condom in half diagonally.

I found it also helped if I applied enough pressure to make a crease so that it would stay in this nice neat triangle.

Step 5: Place the wire inside of the condom and attach using tape around the bottom corner of the condom.

Step 6: Fold second condom as you did the first then attach second condom around the first so that it's point is flaring out opposite that of the first as seen in this picture.

Secure with tape.

Step 7: Avoid the temptation to wrap floral tape around the sturdy tape you are using. You see this was my learning experience with floral tape. I mistakenly assumed it is pretty much like any other tape except green and better for using with flowers. Boy was I wrong. First of all floral tape only sticks to itself really, so it won't secure the condom to the wire which is why I had to use the electrical tape. Secondly, when it does stick to itself it leaves your fingers quite sticky which is why I would recommend finishing all the condom flowers before covering your tape with the floral tape.

Step 8: Push the leaves back into the position you desire.

And, here is the finished product:

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