Thursday, March 31, 2016

Tips for Post Consignment Sale Shopping

Thrifty Thursday 
You may think that once you've shopped a consignment sale, you've done everything you can to save money.  However, I've found a few more ways to maximize your savings.  

1. Find out where they donate left over items:  If you notice, many consignment sales donate clothes that are left over after their sale.  After having been at the Moncure sale in line at closing time several times, I've seen on average about 30 lawn and leaf size bags filled to go out for donations.

I was lucky enough to be standing in line waiting to checkout the second time I went to the Moncure sale and overheard another shopper asking where the items that didn't sell were donated.  Much to my surprise, the volunteer told the other shopper they were donated to the Goodwill behind the school.  Huzzah.  I knew I could check there the following week for more deals.  The Goodwill stores in my area sell baby items except dresses for .99 cents each.  If they have a noodle in the color of the week, they are half off.  Even if they are regularly priced, when you bring a donation, you get a coupon for 20% off all regularly priced items.  So, shopping at Goodwill, the most I would spend on a new item for my little one is .80 cents.  Often an even better bargain than a consignment sale.

Due to the volume of donations they receive after a consignment sale, all the merchandise doesn't go out the first week.  So, you can often pick up deals for several weeks after the sale.

This is my Goodwill haul the week after the last Moncure sale.  I got 3 shirts, 2 pair of pants, 1 onesie, and a pair of pajamas for less than $5.  Yay!

2. Save your hangers: If you plan on consigning in the future which you probably should, many sales require you to place clothing items on your own hangers.  Sadly, kid size hangers aren't much cheaper than adult hangers.  If you save the ones you get at sales and stores when buying new if they will allow you, that will provide a good start to your collection.  

3. Save your safety pins: While safety pins aren't expensive per se, every little bit of savings helps.  For most people who will be consigning at a sale, you will need to invest in hangers, safety pins, clear packing tape, ink, paper, and gallon size ziploc baggies.  Little savings though can help.  I keep all my safety pins in a quart food storage container where little hands won't get to them.

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