Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Weecycled Fredericksburg Haul

Where I live, Weecycled is the biggest consignment sale.  It was my introduction to consignment sales when my daughter was just days old.

 I had been shopping for clothes for my little one at thrift and consignment stores throughout my pregnancy to be prepared.  However, after reading other mamas advice and being told my daughter would probably be close to 8 lbs when she arrived, I avoided purchasing hardly any newborn clothes.  I think i had 2 onesies, 3 sleepers, and a hat.  Imagine my surprise when I delivered a 6 lb 6 oz little one who quickly went down to 5 lbs 10 oz.  Even her newborn clothes looked big on her.

I mean look at those leg holes.  That was before she lost several more ounces the morning after she was born at the hospital.  We needed to get some more newborn clothes quickly.  Since I had been out of work on medical leave due to complications during my third trimester, our budget for new clothes for her was severely limited.  Luckily, DB's parents had been shopping at Weecycled's Stafford sale for a few years for his niece.  Thankfully, they picked up a some more sleepers for her the day after we got home from the hospital at the Weecycled sale that we were lucky enough to have the weekend after her birth.  I wasn't quite up to shopping or even walking yet.  Somehow, I got up the energy to hit the sale with DB 2 days later for their half off sale.  

That was the beginning of what now is a seasonal obsession.  So far this season, I've been to 4 consignment sales including one more I will post about after this.  I still have 4 more consignment sales I plan to shop.  

Weecycled Wardrobe's Fredericksburg sale is huge.  As my consignment sale style has evolved, I've learned that I don't prefer these large for profit consignment sales.  Additionally, unlike any other consignment sales I frequent, Weecycled has a minimum consignors can charge of $4.  This means even on half off days, the minimum you will spend per item is $2.  So, you are best served by purchasing bundled items.  

This is an Infantino Sling Rider that is recalled.  I have mixed feelings about this particular purchase.  I am seriously saddened that a for profit consignment sale specializing in children's goods would sell an item that not only was recalled but was also associated with the death of at least 3 infants.  It is illegal to sell recalled items.  I would feel awful if I saw this item and passed it by knowing that some other parent might buy it to use for their little one.  

The upside of me purchasing this,though, isn't just getting it off the market to prevent it from possibly injuring another child.   Owners of the recalled sling, can reach out to Infantino following the directions here to return the necessary portion of the sling to receive a different product in return.  Currently, they are offering a high chair cover or one of their mei tais.  The mei tai, of course, would be my recommendation as it is a well loved carrier in the babywearing community. 

 Their mei tais usually retail for around $35.  I picked up the Sling Rider for $2.  

This is an example of buying a bundle of items to get a better deal.  For $2, I picked up two 2 shirts and a skirt that will be perfect for Fourth of July, Memorial Day, or even Flag Day.

I am a huge football fan especially of the Dallas Cowboys.  Unfortunately, NFL licensed apparel is way too expensive for my taste brand new usually $20 or more for a single onesie.  DB's parents are huge Redskins fans, sadly.  So, I am always on the lookout for some Cowboys clothes to balance out all the Skins onesies we've been given.  So, I was thrilled to pick up this 12 month onesie and 18 month dress for just $2.

This bundle of wooden puzzles includes 4 puzzles one of which is the Melissa and Doug Dress up Teddy Bear Puzzle with 45 interchangeable pieces to change the both their expressions and moods.  Awesome buy at just $2 considering these puzzles run anywhere from $7.99 to $14.99 each new.

This bundle was two pair of 18 month jeans for $2 one of which had an adjustable waist which are more difficult to find but needed for my little one's skinny waist.

Melissa and Doug Alphabet puzzle $2.  Of course, I love wooden puzzles; but I especially love that the peekaboo for O is an octopus.  I am always on the lookout for items featuring octopuses since they are her father's favorite.

Osh Kosh and Hanna Anderson tops for $2 for the bundle.

Ralph Lauren dress for $2.50.

Collection of Bear Board Books including I Love You Through and Through, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, and We're going on a Bear Hunt for $2.

Two Spring outfits for $3.

My First Words Book from the Your Baby Can Read Series for $2.50.

Brown size 5 shoes for $2.  

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