Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Grandpa Gus's Non-Toxic Mouse Repellent Review #mice

A few weeks ago, I heard leaves moving and what sounded like an ensuing scuffle taking place under our shed.  Moments later, I saw one of the neighborhood cats exit from beneath the shed as the victor with a mouse in his jaw.  I was both pleased that the cat had done its job as well as dismayed to know there were probably more mice way to close for comfort for me to our shed and home.  I checked out my local big box stores for options in the case that mice might find their way to us.  Sadly, all I could find were traps.  Some were non lethal allowing a catch and release.  Some allowed you to use peanut butter as bait for a non toxic remedy.  Any way you cut it though, I had to wait for those suckers to enter my abode and then, attack the problem.  I, also, would have to dispose of either a live or most likely dead mouse.  Not really a task I was looking forward to performing.

Days later, I was presented the opportunity to review Grandpa Gus's Non-Toxic Mouse Repellent Pouches.  I jumped on board to try this product as I was glad to have a solution that was safe to have around both the dog and my little one but also would act as a preventative before I even have to worry about any rodent infestation.  They promised to be deodorizing aroma of which I am always a fan. I was also blown away that they promise to work for 3-6 months.

When they arrived, I loved the charm of the country style look of the product.  They look like a product you might pick up at a General Store which I can say as someone who frequented a couple on a regular basis growing up.

The gunny sack containing the four pouches of mouse repellent.

One of the four mouse repellent pouches.

Beyond their rustic charm, opening the plastic wrapper, opened up the scent which is initially quite strong though completely pleasant.   I'd gladly keep one in my car if I didn't need them for rodent prevention as I enjoyed the scen
t that much.  However, once I placed the pouches individually, I did not notice the scent nearly as much.  I do feel like some other less than pleasant odors such as pet odors or the diaper pail were lessened some.  

So far, we've had no tell tale signs of mice in the couple of weeks I've had them and hope this continues for months to come.  

You can purchase these at Amazon here.  

I received this product for free in exchange for a review, but all opinions are honest, genuine, and my own.

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