Saturday, April 16, 2016

Classy Kids Consignment Sale Haul

This was my first time at this sale.  I went for the discount day, so my selection was limited which I expect when hitting the discount day or hour of a sale.

However, there are a couple of other reasons I may not go back to this sale.  The lighting was poor.  When I go to a consignment sale some of the big things I am checking items for are holes and stains.  With dimmer lighting, this is not as easily accomplished.  Most of the clothes were in the wrong section.  I don't just mean that items that were 2t had somehow been left by another shopper in the 12 month section though that was common as well.  I mean items that were 4t were marked 12 month like this first dress I picked up for DB's niece.

Old Navy dress .75 cents.

Additionally, many items that were 6-9 months for instance had been labelled by the consignors as 9-12 months and placed in that section.  I probably had to go past 25-50 items in the 9-12 month section that were really 6-9 month clothes mismarked by the consignor. I would have hoped that the salespeople would have noticed and put them in the correct section as the Old Navy dress above had been placed in the 4t section where it really belonged despite the tag.

Additionally, it was a 40 minute drive.  Most of the sales I hit are between 15-30 minutes from my house, so it isn't that much more of a drive.  However, without finding lots of stuff to bowl me over, I doubt I will return.

Here are the rest of the items I did pick up.

4t top $1

Gap pants 4t $1.50
Lounging Elmo $2

Stride Rite shoes size 5 $1
18 month jeans $1

18 month skirt $1.50

Metal spinning top $1

Doll Carrier $3 (not discounted)

Infant Octopus Toy $1

18 month leggings .75 cents

JMU(my mother's alma mater) shortalls $1.75

18 month Osh Kosh top $1.50

12 month dress $1.50

Thermos sippy cup $1.50.  This cup is our new favorite sippy cup since my little one loves her water ice cold just like her mama.  Easiest sippy cup to clean as well.

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