Sunday, February 21, 2016

Hair, Skin, and Nails Supplement by 1Body Product Review #HairSkinNails

Since becoming a mom, I, admittedly like many new moms, have not done the best job of taking care of myself.  While I was breastfeeding, I continued taking prenatal vitamins.  However, since our breastfeeding journey ended, I haven't gotten back on a vitamin and supplement regimen.  Constant hand washing that goes along with having a toddler who like most is an expert at creating messes takes its toll on my hands and even nails.

After my last birthday, I vowed I needed to get back in the habit of self care and not spending all my time in yoga pants and no makeup hiding behind all of the work that goes into caretaking a one year old.  Getting back into a vitamin and supplement regimen has been on my priority list; however, being a vegetarian sometimes makes this one a bit more trouble.  Many supplements either contain nonplant based ingredients as part of the supplement or are in gelatin capsules which obviously aren't vegetarian.  Finding vegetarian versions of most supplements in my area requires either ordering online or travelling to a health store the closest of which is at least a half an hour away and not in my usual travel area.

So, one of the big hooks for me with this particular supplement was that it was vegetarian. Being able to have it delivered right to my door certainly makes my life easier.   Additionally, when reading the list of ingredients, I noticed that not only did it have basically the same ingredients as my previous supplements I had taken prior to my pregnancy; but it also had double the biotin of my previous brand.

While the capsules are somewhat large which seems to be true of all supplements I've taken, being in capsule form, it was still easy to down the capsule.  I've really started to have problems with pills recently especially supplements.  They tend to cause me to gag as many have an odd taste.  These capsules are basically tasteless and odorless, so they don't activate my gag reflex.

I try to be realistic with supplements and recognize that most results won't show up immediately.  However, I was impressed that even within the first week, I could tell a difference with this supplement.  Doing the same activities I would normally, I didn't break a single nail.  They are even noticeably thicker.  Rarely have I noticed substantial improvements so quickly with supplements.  I am certain by these rapid results that I will continue to see more improvements as more time passes continuing to take these supplements.

As an added bonus, my package included a voucher to claim an additional bottle for free.  That is an awesome bonus.

You can purchase these supplements from Amazon here.
I received this product at a discount in exchange for an honest review.
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