Tuesday, February 23, 2016

AlmaBaby 3 pack Pacifier Clip Review #AlmaBaby

At my baby shower, I was gifted 3 pacifier clips.  Two were specifically made for MAM pacifiers which I thought would be fine since the majority of the pacifiers I owned were MAM.  The third was an all in one pacifier with the clip attached permanently.  I figured at the time we were set on pacifier clips at the time.  

When my daughter was two weeks old, she began rejecting pacifiers all together eventually in favor of bottle nipples which were way more of a pain as they required me to physically hold them in place for her.

Right around Christmas, she began showing signs of teething with which came understandable irritability.  Along with my concerns that prevention for SIDs recommended pacifiers when going to sleep, I started my search for possible solutions.  Several moms in the moms and babies support group I was attending recommended the pacifiers attached to a stuffed animal.  So, we got her one for Christmas.  The all silicon pacifier worked better for us as she could use it both as a pacifier and as a teether.  However, we didn't have any pacifier clips we could use for these.  However, I had a sippy cup leash I could attach to her swing, bouncy chair, etc by velcroing it around the body of the animal to prevent her from losing her pacifier.  

This plan had two problems within a few months.  At 8 months, my daughter was walking and hence no longer used a walker or swing to which we could attach the leash.  The second problem was that the pacifier is detachable from the pacifier in for you to be able to clean and sanitize the pacifier.  By this point, my little one figured out how to separate the pacifier from the animal and would do it repeatedly as if it was a form of entertainment.  In doing so though, we had nothing that held on to the actual pacifier portion.  

Way too many car rides involved me frantically pulling off into a gas station or the side of the road to find where she had dropped the pacifier and silence her crying over the loss of her pacifier.  Even in a perfectly clean car, it is amazing how far those things fly.  She once detached it with such force it ended up in the hatchback hidden among my grocery bags.  Often, I am on the highway in rush hour where stopping isn't an easy solution leaving me to try anything I can and often failing from the front seat to soothe her until I can safely pull over.  

I had the best of intentions of making a universal pacifier clip myself once we started having these meltdowns.  However, like many projects as a new mom, it got put on the backburner in lieu of daily activities like cooking and cleaning and running around after my quite active way too soon baby.

Recently, I did receive universal pacifier clips from another company which gave me a good point of reference as to options on pacifier clips.

I was all to happy to try AlmaBaby's pacifier clips with my little one.  Unlike metal clips, the plastic clip is detachable which makes them machine washable which is a savior for mamas like myself who might forget and leave one on a shirt when throwing clothes in the wash.  The mechanism for opening these clips was a bit trickier to figure out the first time, but it seems that it will keep it locked into place better than metal clips made with the overall clip.

As you can see, it lifts up from the back not the front.  Additionally, it has three sets of teeth instead of two like the metal clips.  The loop is made of elastic which I worry could break and hurt my little one; however, the loop is longer than other pacifier clips I've seen which I hope will prevent that from happening.  Additionally, the longer loop allows you to use this clip with thicker teethers or toys than most.  

My only real complaint about these clips is that these designs seem a bit dated being stars, polka dots, stripes, and gingham.  I would prefer something more modern as well as more of a variety of colors to match with different outfits.

My little one liked them anyway despite blinking every single time I tried to take a picture.  

She's still smiling though. 

You can purchase these at Amazon here.  
I received this product for free in exchange for a review, but all opinions are honest, genuine, and my own.
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