Sunday, August 30, 2009

New shoes

Sorry the second pic of the shoes is a little blurry, but my camera battery was dying when I tried to take these pictures. I was caught completely off guard by the battery dying. I've had the camera since New Year's eve of last year, and this is the first time the battery drained. Pretty amazing considering I am only now recharging the battery for the first time.

Today, while I was waiting for our middle eastern treats to be prepared(felafel for me, yummers) at Aladdin, a local restaurant I love, I couldn't help but take a trip down to the Goodwill in a neighboring shopping center. Originally, I thought I would be responsible and look for a new work shirt or pants both of which I will need in the near future. Since I took the wardrobe refashion challenge, I may not have refashioned much; but I have
been good at not buying new clothes. I have learned to start looking early for work shirts and pants.

Before I even entered the store, I was taken in by the outdoor display of books, cds, and movies for sale. Try as I may to avoid the display, I couldn't help but notice a hardback copy of An Unquiet Mind by Kay Redfield Jamison perched askew on a shelf so the cover was facing outward as if set there just for me to see it. It's odd that book has been on my mind recently, too. I was just thinking about it as part of my list of books I love to pass along to others. Certain books like this I like to snap up any time I find them. Sadly, I have never happened to have my own copy of An Unquiet Mind and am glad to have added it to my collection.
If you are unfamiliar with An Unquiet Mind, it is Jamison's memoir of her battles with manic depression colored by her herself being a professor of psychiatry and noted expert on the subject of manic depression. Her story is both touching and enlightening. Reading the book as I was finally coming to terms with my own diagnosis certainly helped me see my own struggles in her story as well as see hope for the possibilty of living a close to normal life. Her description of mania being completely unaware of your own behavior being in any way unusual and having absolutely no desire to sleep or eat while feeling more energy and creativity and wanting to hold onto that feeling depite the downsides of disease rang so true with me. Now, as someone who has taken myself off my medication multiple times, I am comforted by someone who is a professional who has done the same. I highly recommend the book to anyone who wants to have a clearer understanding of the disease. I would also suggest A Brillant Madness by Patty Duke as well. I think I just may reread it again as soon as I finish my current read, The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd which I sadly just began last night.
So, to the title topic of shoes. I can't walk into a Goodwill without giving their shoe racks a good looking over. I have been good though and avoided buying any new shoes or at least new shoes to me in a while as you may have noticed. In fact, I have been quite good not purchasing any since the middle of June. Holy cow, I can't even believe I've managed to control my impulses for over 2 months. Sadly, there were no Target new stock shoes not even in sizes other than my own. I did manage to find 2 pairs of shoes that suited my fancy. Both pairs amazingly appear to be new and never worn still with tags on them. The first pair are slight wedges with faux crocodile texture in a patent burgundy by New York & Company. I got these pics as my battery was on its last leg, so I know they are less than the best quality. I will try to get some more posted once I can use my camera again.

I think they are quite the bargain for $3.50 and definitely fit my red obsession. The other pair which I was unable to get pics of are pointed with a squared off tip open sides and an ankle strap in a beige and black faux snakeskin pattern and 3 inch heel by Studio C. They were also $3.50. I will try to post pics of them soon as well.
And, I did manage to get lucky and find one work shirt while I was there. Fortuitous since it was my excuse for going into Goodwill anyway.
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