Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pride books are out

We have begun distributing our Pride Books to local merchants thankfully chocked full of advertisers. This means (eeek) Pride Week begins next week. Since we only have printed forms of our books, I thought I would share a few pics.

This is the cover featuring a picture of our historic downtown. Of note, P.R.I.D.E is actually an acronym at least in Fredericksburg which stands for People Recognizing Integrity, Diversity and Equality. As an organization, we are not just centered around gay friendly events but those which seek to promote understanding and tolerance of all minorities. We are mandated by our bylaws to be a community organization which does events throughout the year, but next week is our big week.

This is the week's schedule which will keep me quite busy. Sunday evening, I have the honor of judging the drag pagaent. I may not have ever been a beauty queen, but now I get to play a role in crowning one. Monday is the picnic where I will not only be bringing a covered dish which I promise to blog about, but I am also going to be manning the grill. Tuesday and Thursday being karaoke events you can bet your bippee will involve some singing for me. Saturdays festival means an early start as I am event staff and have been told I get to begin my day there at 6:45 am with setup. In addition to being staff, I will be selling wares at a booth and performing. Sunday at the tea party, I will be Alice in Wonderland as well as our emcee for the tea-riffic boat ride. So, I expect either I will have lots of posts next week with pics or no posts as I drift away to sleep each night completely exhausted.
I got lots of great mentions in the pride book, 5 to be exact such as this one listing me as an ad coordinator.
My listing as a Board Member for the upcoming year.
The only place where my name was misspelled was in one of the thank yous.

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