Saturday, August 1, 2009

more fun at karaoke

Here's some shots from this week's karaoke. I should explain that while it may seem like I post a lot of pictures from our karaoke escapades, I am choosing from usually 80-200 that we take on any given karaoke outing. These just happen to be a few of my faves.

Chris and I. I have about a zillion pictures of both he and I with votives or votive holders on our heads. No idea why we do it.

Paul is pysched it's his turn to sing.

John Lee as a flower.

Here I am doing the raptor.

Paul and John Lee doing the raptor.

Justin is always good for a silly shot.

Drew and I. Originally what looks like a scarf around my neck was actually the tank top under my shirt. The boys were teasing me, so I took it off and converted it into a scarf which also eventually became too hot and made its way into my purse.

I didn't think it was possible for me to look shorter, but this shot proves I can more into micro Becca when singing.

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