Saturday, August 1, 2009

I'm asking again

I must admit to being a bit competitive by nature. I like to win, but who doesn't really. Ok, so I can finally say that I've lived long enough that I know some of those people who really couldn't care one way or another who wins. It really astounds me but more power to them. I will never be that person.
I know I have mentioned before that I have asked for votes for cheap tweets before. Cheap Tweets searches through tweets for bargain tweets. Then, people vote for them and those with the most votes get featured. Sadly, I've never gotten more than 4 votes. So, I'd like to get more and maybe possibly get close to feature status one day. It's a small thing really I know, but it does so eat at my competitive nature in the same way I know many of us get excited when we see our blog has a new follower or we have a new comment. So, please vote for me.
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