Friday, July 17, 2009

Addendum to the This girl's life

Upon reflection, I realized there were some pretty big happenings that I failed to mention in my catching up post of yesterday like Wegman's opening and my class reunion. Instead of going over them in this post since each I feel I would like to talk about more in length, I will be doing individual posts about them over the next few days. I would have hoped to finished the Wegman's post today which is the one I started first. However, I have only just begun to reach a point where I can sit for any lengthy period of time due to a serious knot in my lower back which has caused me to walk around today either looking like a pregnant lady on the verge of going into labor or hunched over like an older lady in severe need of a cane. I doubt I will be blogging much tomorrow as my schedule seems to be pretty booked with work, then rushing to try to sell advertising for Pride, and finally a Pride meeting in the evening. I am sure that will lead to an exciting evening of laundry while eating and possibly watch a DVD. I bet you are jealous of my Saturday night. I could go out, but I have realized as of late I just can't do it as often as I used to. Dagnabitall, I really am getting old, but not yet entirely boring(or so I hope). So, I plan on working on the Sunday or Monday.
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