Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy Thoughts

For some reason, I have been a bit high strung recently. I have been allowing myself to get all worked up when people say stupid things which for some reason seems to be happening a lot these days or perhaps always happens a lot and just only gets on my nerves at times like now. The boy blames it on PMS or just me being crazy. Sadly, both could be partially right. Luckily, me getting worked up as I call it just amounts to me kvetching to a friend or friends which is really harmless but a slight downer. In fact, hold the presses but I think douchebag has become one of my new favorite words to describe certain people especially 3 in particular. So, one of my friends has taken to saying happy thoughts when I get on a rant. It has so influenced me that today when I was going a bit off the deep end I tweeted that I needed to think happy thoughts without being told. The funny thing is that when he says to me think happy thoughts just him saying the phrase is enough for me to change the subject, but I don't actually bother with the actual process of thinking happy thoughts. Well, being the kind of girl who has been through rehab and lots of therapy, I know this is actually a tool I could be using to refocus to more positive thoughts and calm myself down. After some self analysis, I remembered making a list of happy thoughts many, many years ago which has been lost who knows when. So, I decided to redirect my negative energies to more positive ones and think about what I consider happy thoughts. And, while this may seem a bit like Sound of Music or other silliness, I think it also is a bit telling about me.

Some of my happy thoughts:

soft fleece

the cold side of the pillow



hot baths

kitties and puppies, alright all baby animals

shoes on sale

baked goods straight from the oven so soft they almost melt in your mouth



Hmm, so many of my happy thoughts are based on basic viseral, tactile responses. I was surprised that my tweeting which also updates my facebook status lead to some surprising happy thoughts quite unlike mine. And, I was wondering what are your "Happy thoughts?"

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