Thursday, July 16, 2009

this week's karaoke pics

Unfortunately, the batteries in the camera died much too quickly this week; hence I only ended up with about 40 pictures of my friends and I enjoying karaoke this Tuesday. Of those, these are some of my faves. I love pics of my dear John Lee singing Annie Lennox's Walking on Broken Glass as he for some reason stands in a pose that reminds Laura and I of a choir boy. It may have taken John Lee a while to succumb to the pull or in this case peer pressure to sing at karaoke, I must say the boy brings it.

I don't recall which song Laura was belting out in this pic, but I am so in love with the necklace she is wearing and jealous that she found it before me at a thrift shop. For some odd reason, I have managed to have absolutely no luck finding any worth while jewelry at any of the local thrift stores. And, I love that Laura is a fellow shoe lover. We always have a chat at the beginning of the evening about each other's shoes.

Finally, Jon and I have a good noncomedic picture of just the two of us. For some reason, we take tons of silly pics together.

I love that Janet managed to catch these completely candid moment of Chris telling me something right before the song began. Not a clue what he had to say while we were on stage that was so important since the two of us had been having a lengthy discussion just the two of us immediately prior.

Chris and I doing We Built This City, a song that we have sung together for about 8 years together now. The dress was a gift from a coworker that very day. She brought in for me two dresses that she felt were too short for her, but could work for me. Ironically, I would actually say they are both a bit longer than I would wear since I normally got for dresses and skirts that hit around knee length due to my height. I'm not short exactly average at 5'4", however, I seem to surround myself with taller people and do everything in my power to downplay my shorter height. Not sure how I feel about the print since it is a mix of animal print and paisley that I could have never previously imagined together. However, I love the cut and free definitely works for me. I did discover when trying to pick shoes that evening that I somehow own not a single pair of blue heels in any shade. How odd. Unsure if it is because I so rarely wear blue or that it just hasn't been a popular shoe color in heels the last few seasons. Probably a combination of the two. I do have two pair of blue flats one of which I wear quite often.

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