Tuesday, March 3, 2009

snow, snow everywhere and not a bit plowed

i was beyond ticked off at the road conditions when i left for work monday morning. not only had my road not been plowed, neither had it appeared any of the roads on my way to work. a silly complaint considering we had between 4-6 inches at 6 am when i took off with more snow still coming if you live up north where people are used to driving on snow. however, this is virginia, and we tend to freak out at the first snow flurry. the road situation was further complicated by an ice storm just on saturday which had not had enough time to melt before the snow hit. the route i ended up having to take was going the opposite direction i needed to go to work first to avoid hills before crossing over to a major road. along the way, i heard an announcement on the radio that vdot(virginia dept of transportation) had decided to wait to plow the roads until after the snow stopped. this announcement absolutely enfuriated me. many non government, non salaried workers still have to go to work regardless of the weather conditions. especially in these difficult economic times taking off work for those of us who need ou hourly pay(and in my case tips) is just not an option like those who are salaried and can just take off and still get paid. decisions like this make me as a taxpayer feel less important to the government as if the poor are once again being discriminated against.
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