Thursday, March 5, 2009

freebies for As

i am a freebie fanatic. i have come across several business that offer free products for kids for As on their report card. these may not benefit me, but i am sure there are a lot of moms who can use them. i would just recommend calling ahead to make sure your local store is part of the national promotion as some of these stores have franchises which may not participate. sounds like great incentives for good performance for kids.

krispy kreme offers a free dougnut for each A a child recieves

blockbuster offers a free kid/family rental for As

chick-fil-a offers programs when linked to local schools for perfect attendance and honor roll check with your school to see if they are linked or to get them to participate.

bob evans often passes out coupons for free kids meals to schools for honor roll students ask your local bob evans if they can include your school.

chuck e cheese offers free tokens for report cards up to 15 free tokens. 3 for each A, 2 for each B, and 1 for each C.

limited too offers free $5 gift card for a good report card.

cheryl's cookies offers free cookie for each A up to 6 free cookies.

pizza hut's 3 As program offers kids a free personal pan pizza and kids drink for kids who earn at least 3 As on their report card.

mcdonald's also appears to have various programs for report cards from free fries to happy meal.
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