Wednesday, March 4, 2009

the academy awards were last week, weren't they

i love my friends. i really do. but, right now, two of them are driving me nuts. hence, the no more drama twittering last night. by now, several hours later, i must say i am done with the drama. all the texting and phone calls have now not only frazzled my nerves but worn out my phone to the point that it is sitting on the charger trying to recover. you see the two of the broke up almost a month ago but somehow it exploded this week especially last night. i am caught in the middle being friends with both and both feel the need to vent about the other to me. i am a bit too old for the constant texting though. and, i am not into the whole battle of the exes thing. it's not really my style when i deal with breakups personally. and, with friends, i hate feeling caught in the middle. so, after almost a full day of this behavior at high speed and almost a month of on and off bickering, i am ready to tell both of them to stop it. they really are being childish each accusing the other of cheating, threatening to get restraining orders, etc. i feel a bit too mature to have to explain to friends this is uncomfortable, but i guess i do. any suggestions for how to best deal with this?
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