Thursday, March 5, 2009

baby shower games

once again i have been tasked with coming up with games for a baby shower. this is not my first time having this task. in fact, i have done it so many times that i have never once won a prize at a baby shower game. however, it has been a while. so, i thought i would search the net to get some more ideas. i did have to amend my games list since the baby was already born and eliminate one of my faves guess mommy's tummy size game. the mom requested the rice and diaper pin game. i am not entirely sure how this works but from what has been explained to me you fill a bowl or jar with diapers and pins and guests try to pick as many pins while blindfolded with tongs since the rice and pins appear the same.
my top game picks are
1. don't say baby game. everyone is given a clothespin, diaper pin, or ribbon with a baby themed party favor on it(i've used a mini size plastic pacifier with a ring on it tied into a necklace made with curling ribbon.) i prefer either the necklace or clothespin since they don't ruin people's clothes. the goal is not to say baby. whenever someone gets caught saying baby, the person who catches them takes the clothespin, necklace, etc. the person who ends up with all the clothespins, etc. wins. this may take all or most of the shower to finish.

2. the baby food game. you will need to purchase several baby food flavors. this is especially funny if you pick odd flavors like prunes. you need to take off the labels and number each of the baby food bottles and make a key of what each one is. you can do this one of two ways. people can guess just by smelling and looking at the color, but for more fun, i recommend giving guests some plastic spoons and letting them taste the baby food. you really want a camera handy for pics of some of their reactions. guests write down their guesses and the guest with the most correct wins the prize.

3. the dirty diaper game. you will need a few disposable or cloth diapers and several different candy bars. you need to mush the candy bar into the diaper and number the diapers. i find if using cloth diapers since you don't want to number the diaper, you may want to put it into a paper bag that is numbered. you need to make a key as to which diaper is which candy bar. the guest then try to guess which dirty diaper is which candy bar and the one who guesses correctly the most wins.

4. guess the number of pins game. this works really well if the mom to be will be using cloth diapers since she can keep them after the shower. fill a jar with diaper pins and let guests guess the correct number and the winner gets a prize.

5.thank you note not really game. i really like this idea as a way of helping mom to be get ahead on the thank you notes dept. it is not really a game but a good opportunity to give a small prize. as guests arrive, hand them pens and envelopes for thank you cards. have the guests then put their address on the envelope. set a timer for 20 or 30 minutes and when it goes off have the mom to be pick on of the addressed envelopes from a bowl or box and give the picked name a small prize.

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