Friday, March 4, 2016

Moncure Elementary's 2nd Helping Consignment Sale's Haul

This past Saturday was the first consignment sale of the season.  It also happens to be my favorite of the local consignment sales.  It is a smaller consignment sale that benefits a local elementary school's PTO.  This sale is the consignment sale with the largest return for consignors with the potential for almost 80% of sales if you volunteer.  As a result,  I find the prices to be cheapest at this sale in comparison to other sales in the area.  I've purchased several items for 25 or 50 cents at this sale through the years.

When I say it was the first consignment sale of the season, I mean they really beat other area sales by almost 3 weeks.  This did seem to play a role in selection as they had quite a turnout.  The half off period runs from 12:30-2 pm.  When I arrived at 12:19, there were already 13 people in line in front of me which I've never seen before.

This is usually the sale where I pick up wooden puzzles for a quarter, hand puppets, finger puppets, and other cool items.  Sadly, I didn't have as much luck in this area this time.  I still feel I got some good deals, but I will have to keep looking for some of the specific items I'm searching for.  All together, I spent $17.

Here's my haul.

A pair of ministar 12-18 month shoes with owls on them for .50 cents.  A pair of 18-24 month loafers from Old Navy for .50 cents.  They really looked unworn.  A pair of size 6 Crocs with removable fleece lining, so they can be worn year round for $1.50.

Set of Clifford books for $1.  Since it was only $1, I wasn't disappointed the set only had 3 of the  4 books in the set.  We have already read these books several times, and LB loves carrying around the case since it has a handle on top.   

Children's place tights for .50 cents.  4 pair of Hanes socks for .50 cents.

Carter's sleeveless size 12 month polo for .50 cents.  OkieDokie size 12 month dress for $1.

Carter's bathing suit coverup for $1.50, and Old Navy capris for .50 cents.

Carter's size 18 month tunic for $1.50.  Christmas shirt with a huge bow that happened to be brand new for $1.50.

Tommy Hilfiger size 3t dress for $2.50.

24 month khakis and leggings for .50 cents each.

These items were all for my niece.  The bags each contain 2 piece pajama sets for .75 cents each.  One pair was a Halloween set, and the others have ballerinas on them.  The shirt and khakis were .50 cents each.  Funny thing is I bought the same top last year at a different sale for my daughter in size 18 months.

I like that the receipt is so detailed.  You can use it of documentation for tax purposes per the cashiers.  I was saddened by the spelling error of a cashier, however.  

All in all, I would sale it was a respectable haul for consignment shopping.  I don't mind just picking up a few pieces at a time since I plan to hit up a couple of sales.

The fall sale has been announced for October 15th in case you are local.  
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