Thursday, April 16, 2009

target stock at goodwill

for weeks now, i've been hearing kimberly at fab finds under $50 talk about thrifted goods that were target new stock she has gotten from goodwill. i must say i was more than intrigued especially as those who follow may have figured out i have a bit of a love affair with target. i found this article from all the way back in 1991 explaining that target passes along returned goods and clearanced items that did not sell and need to be moved to make room for new stock. what a great program where everyone wins; goodwill makes money for a good cause, target gets a tax write off, and shoppers like myself can pick up products for super cheap. so, i have been on the prowl for target stock at goodwill shops. last wednesday, i found the goodwill shop in my area that carries unsold target products. my goodwill is literally right across the street from the newest supertarget in my area. and, look at my finds. all the shoes were $3.50 regardless of whether they were target or used shoes. they had tons of styles many of which i already owned or were not available necessarily in my size. i was on a time crunch, so i didn't have time to comb through the clothes or housewares to see what other target products they had.

see they have the elastic holding the shoes together and the original tags.

a closeup on the shoe still available online at
also still available online
and, while i was there i had to pick up this uber cute anne klein slingbacks.
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