Friday, April 17, 2009

junior mint pastels make me sad

as anyone who read my my big 200 list of things about me, my favorite candies are junior mints and peppermint patties. although in the us, they are made with gelatin making them non vegetarian. international versions especially those made in the uk use agar making them vegetarian. hence, i haven't had them in a while. i still have fond feelings for them. they are one of the main reasons i love the song fruitcakes by jimmy buffett when he rants "I want my junior mints. where did the junior mints go in theMovies. I don’t want a 12 lb. nestle’s crunch for 25 dollars. iWant junior mints" i remember my parents buying junior mints for me in the hospital when i had my tonsils out from the hospital vending cart. the chocolaty minty flavor is so soothing. thats the essence of the junior mint. junior mints pastel destroy that as the candy coating is merely candy coating not chocolate flavor. i reviewed the ingredients whereas on normal junior mints list chocolate as the second ingredient chocolate isn't even an ingredient in their pastels. this is a perversion of the whole concept behind junior mints. additionally, they are called pastels. but, they only have 2 colors blue and yellow. i wouldn't really call this pastels. couldn't they at least throw in green or pink.
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