Sunday, April 5, 2009

springy toes

spring is here, and i needed a break after another slow day at work which is always stressful for a waitress. so, i decided to myself an all out springy pedicure. at first, i just wanted to do my toesies. then, i looked at my poor feet and with it being sandal season soon figured i really needed to go all out especially with my rough heels. look, i'm honest and i have terrible problems with dry skin on my feet especially my heels. and, in the in between ridiculously cold and rough on my skin winter that ended here about the second week of march until now, i've kind of let my feet go. so, here's what i did and how it turned out:
  1. removed all the polish from my toenails. oh hush it. it was only 2 toes on each feet to wear peep toe shoes as i previously posted about.
  2. i buffed my nails with a buffer. this helps remove any ridges and stimulate circulation in nails, or so i've been told. i just use one from avon that my mom gave me a couple years ago for christmas.
  3. gave them a good soak. i got out the little tub i use for foot soaks which really is just a tub leftover from a hospital visit. no fancy whirlpool for me. not that i wouldn't love one, but i just haven't made it a priority. i don't really use fancy schmanzy store bought foot soaks. i like to make my own. i love bubbles as i have mentioned before, so i use a bit of bubble bath solution usually something scented from bath and body works since i am a bit addicted to them. they are not the cheapest, but you can usually snag their products for a decent price like $3-$4 at their semi annual sales. if you want to get the latest info on their sales, sign up for their mailing list which is on the bottom right hand corner of the screen. added bonus is that they also tend to send out some awesome coupons via email like freebies with a purchase. this time i used tropical passionfruit which is a discontinued scent. then, i add homemade additives to benefit my skin depending on my needs. this time i went with oatmeal which is good for dry skin. just a few tablespoons will do the trick. and then, just let your feet soak for 15-20 minutes. i find this is a good time to watch a bit of tv or read.
  4. then, i exfoliate with once again a homemade scrub. i made my own with a tablespoon of honey and salt. this works best with epsom salt but kosher salt or sea salt will do in a pinch. not only does the salt help to exfoliate the skin, but i find the deep rubbing to be soothing. and yet again, honey is supposed to be good for dry skin.
  5. pumice, pumice, pumice. i use a motorized pumice wand, but there are a ton of products out there. and, i've tried just about all of them.
  6. now, i moisturize. i used body butter. at night, i use petroleum jelly. its cheap and wonderful for moisturizing. at night, i will slather on the petroleum jelly and either put on some old cleaned out bread bags then cotton socks or just cotton socks if i'm too hot. they really help keep the moisture in.
  7. after a good rinsing and drying, your toenails should be soft and easy to cut and file.
  8. then, i started with a clear base coat.
  9. followed with 2-3 coats of yellow polish, and let it dry completely. its very important that it be dry so the colors don't mix.
  10. i then dipped a toothpick in blue nail polish and made dots on my toenails. originally, i thought this would be springy like decorated easter eggs; but now i think they remind me of cupcakes. i guess i really have food on the brain.

and, now i have springy toes.

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