Friday, April 10, 2009

i thought it was 1995 all over again

i hope some of you were wondering where i have been this week. i was i could say i was on spring break or even working tons of hours due to everyone else being on spring break. and, i swear i was trying to be lazy or reclusive. no, i was suffering from a slow and i mean turn back the clock back to 1995 when the net was relatively new to me kind of slow. '95 may have been cool cause i was finally going away to college, but surfing the web was more boogie boarding in a child's swimming pool than surfing. the situation was beyond frustrating. my boyfriend tried to download a 13 minute long video(normally something that would upload basically instantaneously with our connection), and it took him almost 2 hours. the slow down began gradually over the weekend and ground to an almost stand still over the last 2 days. i could barely even pull up my own blog to check to see if i had any comments. by the time i could even get a page up, i would give up.
i still have no idea what started this whole debacle. i may not be up to date when it comes to using xml to code my blog layout, however i can usually diagnose computer problems. i spent the better part of today doing anything and everything i could think of including but not by any stretch of the imagination limited to running virus scans with multiple virus scan programs, decreasing my cache, eliminating toolbars, restarting my laptop, and unistalling widgets(ok, so that was just the morning.) i was completely befuddled to the point at which i had given myself a severe headache making the watching of survivor(one of my fave shows, hold your laughter please) a much less than pleasant experience. even a midday break with my dear friend travis for a corn muffin and soda, since of course the icee machine was having maintenance perform right when i needed one stat, did little to aid me in coming up with a solution. i was ready to head to the nearest mcdonald's to try and plug in to their wi-fi as i was convinced this was all a big scam from verizon to get me to pay more and switch to their fios. i mean i'm not a conspiracy theorist by nature, but assuming a big name corporation would try to sucker me for more money is far from conspiracy mongering these days. so, i reported to my darling boyfriend my lack of progress upon his return home from work. then, he did the one thing i in my over vigilance hadn't thought of. he restarted the wireless router. boom. back to good. i always think its idiotic when you contact customer service, and the first thing they have you do is restart everything. and, i feel prey to forgetting the basic solution and got to hear my boyfriend who relies on my to solve our computer problems gloat about how he fixed it. erggh.
eating my fair serving of crow, i'm back baby. so, i expect i will be overloading y'all with posts over the next few days. i found some great deals at goodwill, am thinking of starting my own etsy site, and prepping for easter just to begin with. hope you enjoy.
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