Thursday, February 26, 2009

things i learned in the last week

so much has happened in the last week, and i've barely been posting. so, i thought i would hit the highlights in things i learned in the last week.
  • baking soda and yogurt don't mix. one night, i awoke with tremendous stomach pain and bloating. half asleep, i thought it would be a genius idea to combine baking soda and yogurt since both are supposed to aid stomach ailments. plus, i thought it might cover that nasty taste of baking soda. in my haze though of pain and just waking up, i didn't think it through. i ended up with a mini volcano in my bowl. oops.

  • it bothers me when my dad asks about me in the "we" form. my boyfriend and i have been together for 3 years in just a few weeks. my dad though has seemed to take it more seriously. this christmas, he asked about getting something for my boyfriend too something my family has never done. since about that time, he's started asking how my boyfriend was doing more often. this past weekend, he called and asked how "we" were doing. it all started with a voicemail he left asking how "y'all" are. this really got under my skin. i suppose its nice; a sign of his acceptance. however, i still feel like his little girl even at 31. i like being special to him, and somehow i feel it takes away from me. sad, i know but true.

  • housing prices seriously are hitting rock bottom. watching bill maher, i heard that the average price of homes in detroit are down to 18k. i was blown away. i've spent more than that on an suv before. trailer homes are more than that here. the next day, i saw this article on homes selling for under 6k. i wish i had more saved to buy a home.

  • i am an absolute sucker for baby items. normally, i avoid the baby section. too depressing to me in my situation. last night wandering around walmart with friends, i was drawn to the baby section especially since my best friend became a grandmother earlier we expected, and by earlier, i mean this week 2 weeks before the baby shower. i started cooing over everything. i was all look at the cute lil yes lil not little everything. the theme for the baby is jungle, so i was beyond smitten when i saw this onsie.after that, i walked around walmart holding up the onsie saying roar. i couldn't resist. i was almost in tears picking up all the items. i wanted to buy all the stuff for a baby of my own. i still have to do my actual shopping for the baby shower presents, but i think i need to stay away from walmart.
  • cake mix cookies rock. but more about that in a whole post about them.
  • reorganizing only works when you remember where you moved things. we hit a wall last thursday when we thought we were out of trash bags late at night when we needed one. this was especially frustrating since i had gone to the store just that day. when i did get another chance to go to the store, i bought more trash bags among other supplies. as i was putting away those cleaning supplies, i suddenly found the stash of trash bags i had already.
  • forgetfulness seems to be a trend this past week. after going to the bank, i had to stop by sheetz. i needed to get gas, oil, windsheild wiper fluid/deicer and something for dan to drink for work. i picked up the oil and winsheild wiper fluid/deicer since it was outside the building. but, then i ran into someone i knew. i ended up checking out and walking out the door only then to remember i needed to pay for gas. i got gas and headed off. i was almost home and remembered i needed the beverage. luckily, there is a 7-11 super close to my house and i could stop there.
  • people who make plans with you to do something, but then become impossible to contact when you are supposed to get together really gets on my nerves. i had friends come from out of town tuesday night. we got to hang out at karoke, and made plans to do lunch with one of our mutual friends at 1pm. they were going to text us to tell us who was going to get picked up 1st. we figured one vehicle for all of us was a good idea since we weren't sure where we would want to eat. i held off eating waiting for our lunch date. around 12:30, i contacted the mutual friend via text to make sure we were still on. he and i assumed so but hadn't heard yet from our out of town friends. nothing til 2, when we got feed up and finally texted them. they had just gotten up and needed to shower and get ready. then, we never could get texts back. i was super annoyed. my friend had wasted his lunch break and we were both starving. plus, we had wanted more time together since it seems we only get to see these friends about every 5 months. well, hopefully we will get more time together in july when they'll be back.
  • i finally found a mexican sit down restaurant with good rice; pancho villa. in fact, i think it was the only part of our meal that was seasoned. usually, at mexican joints, i find the rice to be bland. pancho's villa's was yummy i must say which was good since their vegetarian combos do not include beans.
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