Thursday, February 26, 2009

happy belated mardi gras

i missed wishing everyone a happy mardi gras, and i am sorry for that. i hope everyone at lots of pancakes and got lots of beads. i got some beads but not for doing anything naughty.
showing off the beads. my friends and i did karoke as we usually do on tuesdays.
paul singing some michael jackson as usual.

travis doing oklahoma broadway style.

me singing something to talk about as a special request for trav.
jermaine singing some prince just for me.
janet rockin it.

noah belting some katatonia.

and some good friends, patrick and brendan came to town with a coworker, kim.

a wonderful group pic.

pat and brendan singing together.

patrick and i

brendan and i . it was so good seeing them again, since the last time they last time they made it down was september.

paul and i

and, of course one of me and trav. these are just the highlights, since i took over 50 pics that night.
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