Thursday, February 26, 2009

cake mix cookies

as i have mentioned in earlier posts, i have been looking for ways to use up all the boxes of cake mix i have. i looked online and found a ton of recipes for cake mix cookies. i decided to use this as my basic recipe. i used . i decided to separate the dough into 1/3 to make 3 different kinds of cookies. the first would be basic sugar cookies. i started making really small cookies as i was afraid they might spread too much when baking. i also found that in my oven i needed to bake them for about 15 mins instead of 9-12 as the recipe calls for. here's how the basic cookies turned out. they are super soft and moist with a wonderful vanilla flavor. the second part of dough i added cinnamon and red hots. the third part i made into raisin oatmeal cookies by adding brown sugar, raisins, and oatmeal. i had gotten a tip from a coworker on monday that to make for softer raisins when cooking presoak the raisins in hot water. i let them soak til they plumped up for about 15 minutes or so. i was anxious to see how these 2 varieties would turn out, so i baked them simulataneously. and fully baked the red hots melt when baking and these cookies are best eaten warm. be careful though cause sometimes the candy will stick to the pan if not well greased.
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