Saturday, January 24, 2009

i think i may have a theme which eventually may become a separate blog

so, as i'm new to this blogging thing, i thought i might do a little research by reviewing other blogs to get a sense of how people normally do this. i decided my previous blog would be about shoes as they were weighing on my mind. so, i decided to look up shoe blogs assuming with as many women and many gay men that i know that love shoes there would be a breadth of examples that would pop up. much to my chagrin, not only did there seem to be very few, but they all seemed to focus on designer shoes well out of the price range that neither nor most of america could afford. don't get me wrong. i adore oogling some fendi shoes or manolo blahniks, but i doubt they will ever find their way into my closet. i love shopping, but i am in the end a bargain shopper. and, i take great joy in telling my friends about the great bargains i find not just as a way of bragging about what a steal i've gotten, but also to help them get their hands on deals too. for now, i think my bargain discussions will just be one of the many subjects on my blog; but eventually it may become its own separate blog.
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