Thursday, August 27, 2009

More Karaoke Fun

This was a rather eventful week at karaoke filled with more drama than any soap opera on tv. More on that in a later post, though. Despite all the zaniness, we managed to have some fun.

John Lee spent the beginning of the evening trying to make corrections to the pride book. Too bad he wasn't enjoying the fun.

But, eventually, he got in on the fun even getting his dance on while singing some Lady Gaga.

Of course, Paul belted a few too.

Here he is getting a little bit softer now while singing Shout with Scott.

I, also, got in on the action. Here's me singing I Touch Myself.

This shot was probably the funniest of the night to me as Janet was so enamored with my killer shoes that she had to take a shot of them while I was singing. They are the stilletos featured in the post my shoe collection part 5.

This is I know a highly unflattering completely candid shot of me which is admittedly a rarity. I have a freakishly keen sense of when a camera is around me. However, I am not the point of this pic. The plaid sleeve to my left is. That sadly is the only photographic evidence that I was finally able to drag a friend of mine out to karaoke after about a year of begging. He says he had a good time, so hopefully, he'll be back next week.
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