Sunday, June 28, 2009

Thoughts on MJ

This week has been a bit on the wacky side with several celebrities passing away, but far and away, the one that took me the most by surprise was the passing of Michael Jackson. I was getting ready to go the monthly PRIDE meeting with friends when I received a text telling me Michael Jackson was dead from my friend, Paul who is a Michael Jackson impersonator. In fact, the picture above is of Paul and I at a Halloween party this past Halloween. I was so shocked I had to search online to verify this wasn't some sick joke. When I finally saw the confirmation online, I have to say I was even more awed to realize he was 50. Part of me will always remember as the King of the Pop from the 80s. If drugs were a factor in his passing as the media is indicating is a possibility, I am especially saddened.
Over the last few days, all forms of media seem to be focused on Michael Jackson. I must admit I have found myself watching numerous tributes on TV. I just can't stop watching. Watching the tributes especially the 80s videos takes me back to my childhood. I remember being told by my mom that the Thriller video would give me nightmares, and it would have. I remember being a Brownie and having one of our calendar campaigns having a theme based on Beat It. For the longest time, we would sing We Are the World on the bus riding home from school.
Despite all of the wackiness that made him fodder for the tabloids, I want to remember the MJ of the 80s. I will not be crying over his passing. I just can't bring myself to do that over any celebrity. However, as a child of the 80s, I will easily say the King of Pop will be missed.

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