Friday, June 12, 2009

kristy's twilight birthday party

After we cleaned up from Paul's birthday party, we headed over to our friend Kristy's house for her surprise birthday party with a Twilight theme. I am totally not into Twilight, however I love a party especially with friends. Now, I have no pics with Kristy in them; because despite the fact that she is beautiful and an amazing dresser, she refuses to allow anyone to publish pics of her. I don't get it, but I will respect her wishes.
Janet and Paul

Paul and I since we never managed to take any pics together at his party. I just never managed to take off all of my glow sticks from our previous engagement.
Kristy received a life size cardboard Edward(I think that is his name. I hope I got it right.) as a present, so we all had to pose with it.
Paul and John Lee

Of course, I had to go for a silly shot.
John Lee and Paul recreating the Twilight poster in front of the poster.
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