Friday, June 12, 2009

glowstick birthday party fun

This Saturday was my dear friend Paul's birthday party with a glow stick theme. I arrived with the birthday boy and his boyfriend to help with set up. I was also in charge of photographing the party.

The birthday boy playing with balloons.

The birthday boy posing pirate style next to his amazing cake version of The Black Pearl made by John Lee. The cake was super fab and dangerously sweet. The base was made from Rice Krispy Treats topped by layers of yellow cake, fondant, frosting, and gum paste.

These are the party favors Paul made for the guests which I thought were prety neato especially since most of the pics on them were taken by me. He made photo cubes like you can on lots of internet programs like myspace and filled them with candy and other goodies.
Here are most of the guests who I am lucky enough to call friends waiting while Paul cuts his cake.
Laura managed to catch a pic while I was between taking pics.
Me and my dear friend Tim.
Laura as a glow stick princess
I love that Tim accidentally took a pic of just my shoes.
I'm posing as a glowstick ninja.
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