Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Tabernacle United Methodist Consignment Sale Haul

I know it's been a while since the sale; however, I've been running behind a bit due to some family emergencies which ended up leading me to miss 2 of the consignment sales I had been planning on shopping this season.  I am slowly trying to play catch up while also working on networking for the blog.  

So, even though it has been awhile since the sale, I still wanted to post my haul because I hope it helps others not only see what great deals you can pick up at consignment sales hopefully encouraging others to dip their toes into the addictive world of consignment sale shopping, but also to give you some idea of what typical prices are for items you would find at these sales.  While the spring consignment sale season is over where I live, summer and fall sales will be here before we know it.

This sale happened to be not only the sale I spent the most at this season, but also the one I picked up the most items.  I spent $40 total for all the items I purchased.  Since this was sponsored by a nonprofit, there was no sales tax which is always nice. 

I picked up this B. Meowsic Keyboard for $5 making it my most expensive purchase the entire season.  I didn't mind spending a little bit more on this keyboard since it is a rare item at the sales in my area, and something I know will keep her interest for years for my little one unlike some toys.  Both my daughter and her cousin who is less than a month away from turning 5 have logged in hours playing with this keyboard.  They especially like hearing themselves sing into the microphone which also has a record option.  

 18 month outfit for $1.50.  I like outfits that already go together but done in neutral colors I could pair with other items.  I find this is a biggie since sometimes I get lucky, and my little one only manages to stain either her top or bottom.  Since she is a stain magnet often going through 3-4 outfits a day, I will look for any reasonable way to reduce the amount of laundry I have to do.  I know I could just let her run around naked or just in a diaper to save on the laundry load for me.  However, her father is opposed to this.  You can easily guess which one of us is responsible for laundry in our house.

Four pair of 18 month pants grouped together for $3.  As I mentioned before, buying clothes in lots like this can often be a good way to save money as long as you like all the items which I happen to since I am a huge fan of bright colors.  

18 month jeans for $1.  I try to pick up jeans for $1 or $,50 cents if I can since I know they will get a ton of wear in my house.  

18 month yoga pants for $1.  Not only do I like the cuteness factor of these especially since I'm trying to start making it to mommy and me yoga classes, but I can always use some plain black pants for her.

18 month leggings for $1.  Nice neutral colors, and in the falls I figure I can pull her socks up to cover up the hot pink if necessary.

I broke my own rule on these and picked up a pair of 3t leggings for $1 due to my ladybug obsession since they looked rather new hoping the elastic holds up until she makes it to 3t clothes which at this rate feels like will never happen.

18 month ladybug tops sold as a lot for $1.50.  I am fairly certain she will still be in 12 month clothes by the end of summer, but they didn't seem too large to sneak them in by August.

12 month summer romper for $1.

18 month pants for $1.

18 month dress for $1.  Even though it could be worn by itself as a summer dress, I think the colors are neutral enough that I could make it a jumper to transition to fall or possibly next spring.

This onesie is by Faded Glory, so normally I would have avoided it due to their low resale value which is something I try to consider when making purchases.  However, I was having a great deal of difficulty finding summer tops for her after several sales.  So, I gave into the cuteness and picked this up for $1. Paired with the right bottom, I may still be able to make my money back on this when I resell it despite the brand. 

12 month dress for $2.  I am sure she'll wear this for Memorial Day or Fourth of July and hopefully, I will get tons of cute holiday pictures out of it.

I couldn't resist this watermelon dress and matching diaper cover for $1.50.

These shorts were all sold individually for either .50 cents or $1.  I was desperate to find some khaki or jean shorts to easily match her summer tops and onesies.

4 pair of 2t rubber pants for $1.  I was saddened to discover these will be way too big for her tiny hiny.  I am really struggling to find potty training supplies in sizes small enough for her.  

Melissa and Doug magnetic letters and numbers $2

$1 for this soft potty seat.  Can you tell I'm trying to gear up for potty training?

$2 for these Robeez.  These are a brand, I am willing to pay a bit more for in general since I do prefer having her in soft soled shoes, and they have great ratings.

18 month rubber pants for $1.  I know they seem like boy colors, but I am not that worried about it since finding any sizes below 2t is rare, and I suspect few people will be looking at what is on her bottom.

$2 for these sandals due to my ladybug obsession.

$1.50 for this Dr. Seuss book which is more than I'd like to pay but not a title I've seen at sales thus far.

$2 for this set of Beginner Books.

$1 for the Berenstein Bears book which is a classic I remember from my childhood.

I paid $1 for the monkey backpack toddler leash.  I have stated several times I am a huge advocate of babywearing, so this purchase may be surprising and perhaps even more so if I told you this was the first item I went looking for.  Well, as much as babywearing is convenient, there are some times where I want to let her get down ie folk music festivals, kid friendly events, amusement parks, and parks where I worry about potentially losing her in a crowd since she's a runner.  We tested it at a recent visit to the hospital just to get her used to it.  She really liked wearing it perhaps because she was in love with the monkey or because she's seen us with bags on.  For us, this is only for certain occasions and hopefully a short term solution as we work on her not trying to run off.  

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