Monday, February 1, 2016

Cutieland Reusable Squeeze Pouches Product Review #Cutielunchhomemadebabyfoodstorage

Ever since LB was old enough to eat, I've considered getting some reusable food pouches for her.  I prefer to make our own food for her not only so I don't have to worry about any lactose in it to irritate her tummy, but also so I am sure she truly is getting healthy meals.  However, I was always concerned about how difficult they would be to clean.  When she was younger, I worried about using the pouches for self feeding as it might effect her interest in using utensils.  Since I am not putting all of her food in these, I don't worry about that at this age at all.  So, when I was given the opportunity to review these reusable pouches, I was thrilled.

When they arrived in the mail, I immediately brought them in to wash them and fill one for snack time with applesauce.  Silly me, I didn't think when filling the first one and filled it more than halfway which prevented me from closing it.  I learned my lesson though and haven't had that problem since though if it had a fill line marked on it, I would certainly find it a nice touch.  The first time I filled it, I used a toddler spoon and didn't get any applesauce in the threads of the zipper part of the pouch.  On uses since especially with a regular spoon, I haven't been as lucky; so I've learned to keep a paper towel with me when filling the pouches to prevent getting any food in the threads as food particles will prevent closure.  However, once you close it, we have had no problems with leaks.  In fact, one of the few problems I've found is how difficult it can be to reopen the pouch once finished.  I am willing to admit to getting frustrated enough to holding it in my teeth while pulling for extra leverage.  I suppose I am okay with that though since I'd rather have a little difficulty reopening the pouch than deal with it leaking all over the place.

Here's my little one enjoying her applesauce.

I also tried it successfully with a frozen smoothie which can be a pain in her sippy cups.

By the way, this is the remains of her dinner after she dumped her plate.  So, the mess on her sleeve and face is from her dinner not her smoothie.  

After she was done though was the real test for me.  I thought the little crevices on the cap and inside where the cap connects with the pouch would be a pain in the tuchus to clean.  I was amazed at how wrong I was.  While the packaging says they are dishwasher safe, we don't use a dishwasher for her mealtime messes.  Plus, I really wanted to refill it to keep ahead of the curve.  I have quarts of different flavor applesauce canned and frozen right now since she is really digging it.  A little soap, hot water, and some shaking seemed to do the trick to loosen up all the food particles.  

We really have used these daily since I received them.  Both she and I love their convenience and the fact they keep her less of a mess since she hates when I have to wipe her down after meals and snacks.  


I can see through the pouch to know exactly how much is left as well as what is in it.  It also makes me feel more confident it is thoroughly clean between uses.

Much more cost effective than buying the premade pouches at the store which usually retail for over $1 per pouch since I can reuse these.

I can put homemade products in these, so I am confident in what I'm giving my little one.  This is a biggie for me as I try to best to ensure at this early age, she is getting the best building blocks for success in her little body.

Unlike some other pouches that can only be used 10 times, I can keep using them way longer.  I know that I've already used at least 2 of them 4-5 times without them showing any signs of wear.

I appreciate that it comes in a 4 pack.  This allows me to fill them all at once to have some prepared in the fridge to easily grab for meals or snacks.  I am always looking for ways to cut down on prep time when she's hungry to avoid an upset, screaming toddler.  For more tips on avoiding meal prep toddler meltdowns, check out yesterday's post here.

Plus, we're on the go a lot, so it's nice to have something healthy I can throw in a cooler bag for a snack later.  This is so much easier than trying to get her to eat applesauce with a spoon while out and about.

I worry about plastic and food, so of course, I'm happy they are BPA free.

I like the package mentions they are dishwasher and freezer safe on them,  In fact, the are where it is noted makes a perfect surface for writing your little one's name which is nice if you ever needed to send it to daycare or preschool.

The pouches can be a little difficult to reopen.

You have to be careful when filling them not to get any food in the threads.  You could probably avoid this though if you had a small funnel.

Overall, this is definitely a product that will get a ton of use in my house; and I would recommend to friends.  If you're interested in purchasing them, you can get them on Amazon here.

I received this product for free in exchange for a review, but all opinions are honest, genuine, and my own.
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